Our Patented Technology

Antenna79 engineers technology that enables portable devices to interact optimally with both wireless networks and users



Coupling Antenna Structures for Mobile Wireless Devices

Passive antenna arrays that interact with and manipulate RF fields

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Complementary Antenna Environments

Patents and pending applications address “environment” in which antenna structures and sensors reside

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Novel Active Antenna Designs

Combined antenna/battery structures

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About Antenna79

We are a consumer electronics company with deep engineering roots. Our engineers design products with built-in antenna technology that make wireless devices work more efficiently. Our team is made up of leaders from Qualcomm and LifeProof, and is founded by PhD scientists with training from MIT, UCLA, and the University of Manchester.


Our Brands


Pong does what no other case can — embedded with a patented, micro thin, gold-plated antenna, it reduces exposure to potentially harmful cell phone radiation while maintaining the phone’s signal.

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Just snap it on your phone and the R79X case automatically works with the antenna inside your phone to enlarge your phone’s antenna.  Slide down the R79X case’s back to maximize your antenna.

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Reach Antenna use electromagnetic coupling to create an expanded antenna system, improving the possibility of a stronger existing signal, faster data speeds and better battery life.

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