ENCINITAS, CALIFORNIA, MAY 5, 2015 –Antenna79, the antenna engineering company, today introduced Reach AntennaTM, a patented micro-thin, gold attachable antenna for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. Reach Antenna is easy to install, adheres to the back of an iPhone, and is engineered to work with most iPhone cases. Tested and validated in CTIA-certified labs, Reach Antenna automatically pairs with the antenna inside the iPhone to create an expanded antenna system that optimizes LTE signal strength for overall enhanced performance. Reach Antenna is available now exclusively at Best Buy stores and at BestBuy.com.

“Best Buy mobile consumers expect optimal performance from their smartphones, but even with today’s advanced cellular technology, there is always room for improvement,” said David Vigil, CEO of Antenna79. “We have partnered with Best Buy to bring to market Reach Antenna – a patented antenna accessory that pairs with an iPhone’s internal antenna to enable a stronger signal. Everyone experiences weak signal areas in their daily mobile use – but now they can simply use Reach Antenna with their iPhone case and strengthen the possibility for greater coverage, faster data speeds, and better battery life. The Reach Antenna is always working for you especially when you need it the most.”

User Benefits

Reach Antenna has been proven in independent labs to improve LTE signal strength by up to 1.5x in handheld test mode. While users’ experiences may vary depending on case type, carrier, location, and environmental factors, Reach Antenna is designed to deliver the following benefits when paired with most cases:

  • Greater coverage: With a stronger signal, users can stay connected farther from a cell tower, which can lead to fewer dropped calls and increased connectivity.
  • Faster Data Speeds: A stronger signal can enable faster data speeds for browsing the web, streaming music, video chatting, and more.
  • Better battery life: In areas of poor coverage, more efficient antenna performance can increase battery life.
  • Easy-to-install: Using the provided installation tray, simply adhere Reach Antenna to the back of an iPhone, and it pairs automatically with the iPhone’s internal antenna.
  • Use your own case: Reach Antenna works with most iPhone 6 and 6 Plus compatible cases (except those containing metal).
  • Compatibility: Reach Antenna works with the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.
  • Independently Tested: Reach Antenna is tested and proven in independent, CTIA-certified labs and optimizes signal strength while in handheld use.


Pricing and Availability

Reach Antenna is available now for $39.99 exclusively at Best Buy stores nationwide and at BestBuy.com.

About Antenna79

Antenna79 engineers advanced antenna technologies, including Reach Antenna, that enable wireless devices to interact optimally with both wireless networks and users. Simply put, we make your devices work better for you. Our expert team of PhD scientists has created micro-thin, gold-plated antenna architectures that automatically pair with a device’s own antennas to create an enhanced antenna system. We develop customized antenna design solutions to maximize the performance of various wireless devices, and address the specific needs of carriers, mobile device manufacturers, mobile accessory providers, and wireless consumers. The company is led by former Qualcomm and Lifeproof executives and backed by Catterton, the leading consumer-focused private equity firm. For more information,

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